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Frequently Asked Questions Below is a lit of commonly asked questions that might save you some confusion and a phone call.

Q. Under your trailer decals section, it say's 24" or 30" birds, is that each bird or the whole flock of birds"

A. That is the average size of each bird

Q. How long does it take to get my order Custom or otherwise?

A. Decals are custom cut to order and it takes an average of 2-7 days from the time purchased for shipment. We work shows & Hunt just like the rest of you so from time to time are gone a week at a time, in which case we apologize for the delays.

Q. What color is Chrome?

A. It looks like a mirror.

Q. How do I get my trailer custom fit for a set of these decals I see on your custom trailer page?

A. The best way is to get together a picture of your trailer and send it to  We prefer if you send us straight on shots of each panel you want fitted so we know what all is where. It also helps to get us code numbers of birds you like along with a general explanation of any lettering, or other graphic you want made. Also let us know if you want the birds flying towards the front or rear of the trailer. An overall dimension of the trailer helps us too especially if it is a V-nose, get us the flat panel length before it goes into the V.

Q. I want to order custom decals but want to know how can I pay for them?

A. We have several ways to go about paying. If you want to use a credit card, the most secure and efficient way is to click here and input the info we send you via e-mail and complete the checkout process. This keeps you up to date as the status of your order along with e-mails you all the necessary receipts and tracking info. You can call in a credit card to 708.341.2576, we also take PayPal, e-mail us for a total and where to send it or you can send a check or money order to 2306 S Country Club Rd, Woodstock, IL 60098.