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Installation Guide

Installation Guide

First off let me thank you for your purchase from . We have put together instructions to help you get your decal were you want it and how you wanted it to look! These methods are used by sign makers across the country and if followed the install of your Duck Stickers and Goose stickers will be a success.á

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Do not apply decals in direct sunlight especially if the surface is hot. This will cause decal to prematurely stick. The ideal temperature to install these is 55-95 degrees.

The surface must be clean. If you see anything on the surface, you will see it under your sticker. I would use a razor blade to clean any large objects from the glass surface. Isopropyl or Rubbing alcohol should be used to clean surfaces where you want to install the decal. It must be wiped on heavy and wiped dry with a dry clean cloth or paper towel. DO NOT ALLOW ALCOHOL TO EVAPORATE. This will cause the contaminants to dry on the surface you were trying to clean. This does remove Car Wax, Rain-X and the like so you must reapply. We suggest giving the decal a week to two to fully cure in the sun before doing so.

Vinyl Window Graphic installation using the tape hinge method.

Place a piece of tape at the top of each corner. Then align the decal side to side and up and down. I highly recommend using a ruler at this point !

Once your happy with the position of your decal, place a piece of tape across the bottom. This will create a hinge for the decal so you can get to the back.

Fold the decal over so it is laying face down and flat if possible. Gently remove the paper backing at a 180 deg. angle. be very careful not to rip the decal during this process !!!!

Take an old credit card or installation squeegee and begin along the tape in the middle of the decal and wipe across to one side. Then start in the middle and go the other way.

Slowly work your way up from the center out to the side. Now go back over the decal and press firmly. You should not see any bubble's.

Slowly remove the paper from the top. Pull it 180 deg. This will help prevent the decal from coming up. This is another time you will want to be very careful not to rip the decal !!!! Watch for any part of the decal to come up with the removal of the tape. If it does come back up, put it back down and press firmly and try again.

Advanced installing guide for large format graphics using the tape hinge method dealing with panels & rivets

We were out installing some large format graphics and wanted to share with you the advanced tricks to dealing with this stuff on your trailers. Drop us a phone call once you have your vinyl in your hands so you can see what we are explaining to you if this still doesn't make since. 708.341.2576

Here you can see the large graphic taped at both sides, aligned with a tape measure to make sure it is level and centered then a piece of tape stretched across creating a hinge for the graphic to fold over onto. This keep it where you had it and gives you some stability to stretch the decal onto the surface with. It also lets the graphic be cut along any seams making it so you can instal a smaller piece, generally making it easier to get on.

If you are installing text, split it every couple letters if the font allows you to do so. With most of the lettering we do here, it is an outline and shadow so this doesn't work for that because you would see the cut lines through the vinyl.

You can see this split every few letters. Once ready to go, remove the liner from the back of the graphic and pull it tight against the tape hinge you made. Start in the middle of the graphic along your tape and spread it out to one side, come back to the middle and go the other way. Start working away from the tape overlapping each stroke slightly with your last.

This picture shows the pieces installed and how they come back as one line of text. You can also see what you are trying to accomplish when installing over rivets. It shouldn't look finished at this point, but it also should not have huge wrinkles all over the place because of the rivets being there. Once you get the hang of it, it installs like they are not even there. Lots of tension and cutting the pieces down so they are not tough to work with is the 2 best tips I can give you for this.

Another tip for installing pieces that can not be cut down is to remove the liner from the back only half way so you can hold the loose end of the liner against the rest of the decal. This gives large pieces more body and support so you don't accidentally prematurely stick it or get it crooked against the tape hinge. Do not run a squeegee too close to the fold or it can tear the tape and vinyl.

This shows the graphic installed out to where my first flap was and now the backing has been further removed but still curling over behind the graphic keeping it away from the surface and keeping it straight. This script is an example of where you can not split the vinyl for installing with no panel seams to trim them along. That is next.

IF You are installing along a panel seam, you can split the graphic along the seam before installing, again giving you the advantage of breaking the stuff down to install smaller pieces. We get it taped up and press a finger nail firmly in the seam and make a crease. Next press it down firm and drag a razor blade along the raised edge where the panel seam is.

Here you see one piece installed and the next ready to pull up and install

This was tough to photograph, but here it goes. Your vinyl should look something like this, not pretty but not destroyed looking either.

Once you have lightly rolled your finger over the rivet it is time to put some heat to it. . This doesn't take much to get it shrinking and it will shrink till it tears itself apart so be careful and go slow till you get the feel for it. If you see your finger prints being left in the material and your finger is fried, you are more than likely just right. If it tears, it is too far and if it doesn't stay down more than a day, you did not get it hot enough.

After it has been heated and pressed down you will probably notice air trapped around the rivet. Poke a small hole at the bottom of the rivet to release the air. Heat it again and press down.

Towards the end of the job, you will want to run a finger nail around the rivet and press it in. It should look like the lettering was painted on when done.

Picture of rolling air out with the thumb roll.

Index finger is in under the edge of the rivet, thumb is helping put pressure with index finger.

Any place vinyl leaves the surface, you will want to cut in and press it down. Picture shows some finished rivets installed.

picture of a heat gun getting it hot, at this distance it takes about 3 seconds to heat the crease and ready to press down. This picture also shows how to avoid as many rivets as possible when it is laid out before being installed. Up a little, over a little. Remember, you can not see both sides at the same time.


How to deal with vinyl and rivets



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